About Us

Who are we?

We are talent hunters and resource providers. We aim to connect right talent to the right work opportunities.

Why Us:

In India, millions of IT Skilled people fail to find work even as employers struggle to fill open positions. Many who have found jobs feel that they are overqualified or are underutilized. They are struggling with stagnant wages or discouragement at the current job place.

We aim to ease a number IT labor-market dysfunctions in India by more effectively connecting individuals with better work opportunities.

For Employers, we help find them find new talent more quickly and reduce the duration of open position.

For Job Seekers we help to find new jobs more quickly and reduce the duration of unemployment OR help them find work that is more closely suited to their skills or preferences.

Our goal is to become faster and more effective in match making and to instill a new momentum and transparency in the Indian IT job market.

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